2013 Newsletters

Winter 2013 Issue

In This Issue

  • Profiling recreation on Lake Roosevelt
  • Sport Fishing
  • New Walleye regulation to increase fishing season and catch
  • Stevens County buying Colville Fish Hatchery from state
  • Contamination at Bossburg Flat to receive more investigation
  • U.S. District Court finds Teck liable for contamination in Columbia River
  • RI/FS 2013 Sampling and Report Status
  • Young America mill site cleanup complete 6 2013 lake level forecast beginning to take shape
  • Checking in on Black Sand Beach
  • Two vacation cabin permits not renewed near Sherman Creek
  • New Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Superintendent
  • New Transmission lines grace the front of Grand Coulee Dam
  • Keller and Seven Bays concession contracts out to bid, Daisy fueling expected to continue