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    Four houseboats took 48 elected officials, opinion leaders, natural resource managers, stakeholders and concerned citizens on a day long house boat tour from Keller Ferry to Seven Bays Marina.

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    Presentations on the RI/FS, fisheries, lake operations, shoreline management and other topics were given at stops. Here, Mitch Combs (WDFW), Brent Nichols (Spokane Tribe of Indians) and Holly McClellan (Colville Confederated Tribes) present on sport and native fisheries.

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    Andy Dunau, the Forum’s Executive Director, introduces Mark Jensen (Grand Coulee Power Manager) to talk about Grand Coulee Dam and lake operations. Matt Wilkening with EPA is in background preparing to talk about the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS).

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    Lyle Parker with Dakota Columbia provided the boats, captains and expert information on the up to 1.5 million people who visit Lake Roosevelt each year. Visit dakotacolumbia.com to learn more about rentals and great things to do.

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    Wildlife viewing always makes a trip on Lake Roosevelt special. Said one participant, “Watching an eagle chasing an osprey with a fish was definitely the highlight.”

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    More wildlife common to the area.

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    Participants listening to a presentation at one of the stops.

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    Stevens County Commissioner Steve Parker enjoys the day. Said one of the county commissioners, “As a new commissioner with over 100 miles of border with the Columbia I truly needed this view and information of the river and its’ projects and concerns."

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    Geology and rock formations continuously change. Compare this with backgrounds of other slides from the show. You see dense stands of Ponderosa pine and high desert shrubs. They combine for a unique experience and ever changing views along the lake.

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    Fran Marcus (Mayor of Marcus) and Dennis Jenson (Marcus Councilman) enjoy the day.

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    Many thanks to the people who contributed to making this an enjoyable and very valuable day to learn about Lake Roosevelt and interact with the people who help preserve and protect it for all.