Northern Pike are a non-native and highly invasive predator that are considered a serious threat to native fish species. They have long been a minor presence in Lake Roosevelt.

Last year, surveying by the Lake Roosevelt Fisheries Evaluation Program showed a disturbing increase in their Lake Roosevelt presence. Surveying completed this February showed an even more significant increase in numbers, and most likely age populations.

This heightens fishery manager concerns that pike are starting to establish breeding populations in the lake. This would pose a serious threat to management efforts to support native fish like red band trout and the non-native recreational fishery that includes walleye, both of which are on the menu that pike like to prey on. Creating a foothold in Lake Roosevelt is also a significant regional concern due to their potential to spread downstream and into Canada.

Through the Bonneville Power Administration’s Fish and Wildlife program, funding to support pike suppression in 2016 was approved pending favorable Independent Scientific Review Panel (ISRP) review of the proposed plan.

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