Same URL,, brand new web site. Check it out.

“There are a lot of interactive pages in this site people are going to really like,” said Forum Board Member and Lincoln County Commissioner Scott Hutsell.

The recreation map and guide, for instance, let’s you choose a section of the lake and select your recreational interests. Using Google Maps, “pins” show camping areas and other facilities that support your interests. Click on a pin and you get detailed facility information, including driving directions.  Said Hutsell, “This type of information really supports visitor needs. At the same time, the rest of the site let’s people learn environmental, educational and other information about the lake.”

Another feature is combining the Forum’s new electronic newsletter with timely information on the home page. “Basically,” said Forum Executive Director Andy Dunau, “people want quick updates without losing access to in-depth information. It’s like having your weekly newspaper and reference books in the same place. With this new site, we’re doing a better job of offering both.”

While users will appreciate the more modern, friendly design features of the new site, what they can’t see is the new content management system and programming features behind the curtain. Said Dunau, “We took a big leap forward. We sure hope people enjoy it!!”