For millions of people, the iconic laser light show that graces the front of Grand Coulee Dam is a fond and endearing memory of the “time we visited Grand Coulee.”

After 25 years, the Bureau of Reclamation introduced a new laser light show, “One River, Many Voices” in May of 2014. At a cost of $2.3 million, the new show is a great leap forward in both technology and content. The old show used four colors and 4 large ion gas lasers for projection. The new show comes with 14 colors projected from 4 smaller lasers that each emits multiple beams. The sound system was also replaced. Said Lynne Brougher, Grand Coulee Dam Public Affairs Officer, “The images projected are more intense and much clearer and the sound is much better with the new show.”

In developing the new show, Reclamation worked with 14 stakeholders and area tribes to include the cultural effects of building the dam and creating Lake Roosevelt, including loss of the salmon fishery. Narration and voices from those who helped build the dam, farmers and others provide historical context for why the dam was built and how it’s become a daily influence in the fabric of our lives.

Said Brougher, “The creation, maintenance and future of Grand Coulee Dam really is about finding balance between many voices. We are thankful to the many people who helped bring this new show to fruition.”