Lake Roosevelt currently supports 32 species of fish – 20 game and 12 non game.

Rainbow trout, kokanee salmon, and walleye are the three primary fish harvested in the reservoir, with smallmouth bass increasing in popularity. White sturgeon and bull trout fishing are closed, and lesser fisheries exist for other species. See Washington Fishing Regulations for daily limits.

The popular fishery found at Lake Roosevelt brings in over 100,000 anglers a year, which translates to approximately $1.7 million into to the local economies (Pavlik et al. 2008). Three major fishing tournaments are held annually on Lake Roosevelt; Two Rivers Casino Trout Derby, Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament, and Washington State Qualifiers Series. A large number of fish have been floy tagged to monitor movements and harvest rates.

  • Rainbow Trout

    Rainbow Trout

  • Kokanee


  • Walleye