Over 45,000 anglers a year catch an estimated 100,000 fish, bringing millions of dollars to Lake Roosevelt communities. The most common sport fishing is for rainbow trout, kokanee and walleye.

Rainbow Trout

Artificial production that began in the 1980s dramatically increased harvest. Fishing for rainbow trout is common throughout the lake. Floy tags provide valuable biological information to monitor the condition of, and assess future management for, fish populations. So please help the program out by returning tags !!!


This non-native species spawns in the spring and grows rapidly by preying on native and non-native fish. Walleye fishing is best in the Spokane Arm and northern part of the lake from Kettle Falls to Northport.


Kokanee are targeted by more than 18% of anglers, primarily in the lower reservoir where prime kokanee habitat exists. Anglers catch both hatchery reared and wild kokanee in Lake Roosevelt.