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Residential and upland
soil sampling nears

Residents, property owners and land managers in areas around the Northport community and up to the Canadian border have been getting a lot of attention in 2014 because of two soil sampling studies being conducted as part of the Upper Columbia River (UCR) remedial investigation and feasibility study (RI/FS).

Proposed fee increase at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area
Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail begins to take shape
Marina enhancements help improve recreational experience
New laser light show graces face of Grand Coulee Dam
RI/FS 2014 Sampling and Report Status
Student Discovery Week and Lake Roosevelt Water Festival keep Lake Roosevelt a destination attraction for education
LRF bus tour rolls through upper Columbia.
Council Fish and Wildlife Program explores reintroduction of salmon and steelhead above Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee dams
Tribes propose restoring anadromous salmon runs past Grand Coulee
The new and old of Grand Coulee Dam captured in video
Spokane hosts transboundary conference
Cell towers, service and view sheds

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Winter 2014 Issue
Barnaby Creek recovers spawning ground
Getting to Know: Dan Foster
2014 Lake Level Forecast
EPA sampling soil at homes near U.S. Canadian Border
Research in Action, Sediment Sampling
RI/FS 2014 Sampling and Report Status
2013 LRF Conference has record turnout
Fish advisory signs a joint effort Fish Advisory
Educational opportunities for kids plentiful
County Commissioners speak out on Columbia River Treaty
Spokane Tribe seeking compensation for effects of Grand Coulee Dam

Winter 2013 Issue
Profiling recreation on Lake Roosevelt
Sport Fishing
New Walleye regulation to increase fishing season and catch
Stevens County buying Colville Fish Hatchery from state
Contamination at Bossburg Flat to receive more investigation
U.S. District Court finds Teck liable for contamination in Columbia River
RI/FS 2013 Sampling and Report Status
Young America mill site cleanup complete 6 2013 lake level forecast beginning to take shape
Checking in on Black Sand Beach
Two vacation cabin permits not renewed near Sherman Creek
New Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Superintendent
New Transmission lines grace the front of Grand Coulee Dam
Keller and Seven Bays concession contracts out to bid, Daisy fueling expected to continue

Summer 2012 Issue
Debbie Bird, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Superintendent, Retires
EPA Announces New Project Managers for the Upper Columbia River RI/FS Project
Student Discovery Week
Asian Clams Now Found in Lake Roosevelt
New Floating Restrooms
RI/FS 2012 Sampling and Report Status
Fish Consumption Advisory
Columbia River Treaty Review: First round of modeling complete
Lake Roosevelt Forum Conference draws over 200 participants

Winter 2012 Issue
Grand Coulee pumped storage due for modernization...what's wind got to do with it?
Lake Roosevelt Forum 2012 Conference
Young America Mine and Mill Leads to Additional Contamination Concerns
Lake Roosevelt Natural Recreation Area Updates
Agreement Reached on Midnite Mine Superfund Cleanup
RI/FS 2011 Sampling and Report Status
Lake Roosevelt Water Starts Heading Toward Thirsty Interests
New Transmission Lines Will Grace the Face of Grand Coulee in 2012
Teck Funds Technical Assistance Grant for CCC

Summer 2011 Issue
Lake Roosevelt Draw Down Lowest Since 2011
State's Transportation Budget Includes Money for New Keller Ferry
Student Discover Week 2011

Winter 2011 Issue
Environmental Assessment to Determine Future of Lake Cabins
Guest Editorial: Making Sense of the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
Massachusetts General Hospital doctors to research colitis type diseases in Northport
RI/FS 2011 Sampling and Report Status
Forum Conference a success
Collecting artifacts results in fine, probation for Kettle Falls man
2011 Spring Draw Down at Lake Roosevelt

Fall 2010 Issue
Getting to Know: Lake Roosevelt Water Festival
Men at Work
New Exhibits Opened at Fort Spokane
Survey Says
Lawsuit to Determine Potential Teck Liability
LR Water + Funding = Water to Farmers
Canadian Mural Educates & Reminds

Summer 2010 Issue
Getting to Know: Janice Elvidge
Landslide Warning, Public Caution Advised
RI/FS 2010 Sampling and Report Status
Beach and Air Quality Reports Allay Some Concerns
Burning Docks at Moccasin Bay Cause Damage
Student Discovery Week 2010
Federal Stimulus Funds Help Upgrade Facilities
District Court Upholds Challenge to the Storage Release Project

Winter 2010 Issue
Getting to Know: Voyages of Rediscovery
Black Sand Beach Removal Project Making Progress
Third Power Plant Generating Units Starting Multi-year Overhaul
500-kV Transmission Lines Being Diagnosed for Grand Coulee Dam

Fall 2009 Issue
Contaminant Studies Begin
2010 Action Planned for Black Sand Beach
Shoreline Master Plan Open for Public Comments
32 African Elephants Travel to Canada via Lake Roosevelt
Environmental Assessment for Lake Cabin Permits
Lake Roosevelt Drawdown
Big Wave Damages Campground

Winter 2008 Issue
Plan for Lake Roosevelt Drawdown
Grand Coulee Dam Celebrates Her 75th
All Remains Quiet on the Superfund Front
Lake Cabin Special Permits Under Review

Spring 2008 Issue
Public Affairs Officer Selected
Lake Operations 2008
Legislation Passes to Support Withdrawing More Water
Are Lake Roosevelt Fish Safe to Eat?
US Supreme Court Weights in on Superfund Case
Spring Fish Closure to Support Redband Trout

Winter 2007-2008 Issue
Forum Conference Once Again Attracts People from New and Far
Guest Editorial
Park Service Asks Neighbors to Help Protect the Park
Teck Cominco and EPA Close to Agreeing on RI/FS Work Plan

Spring 2007 Issue
Enjoying Lake Roosevelt, 2007
Craig Sprankle Says Farewell
Water Trail Being Planned for Lake Roosevelt
Student Discovery Week 2007

Winter 2007 Issue
Northwest Power and Conservation Council Recommendations
Getting to Know
Lake Roosevelt Forum Survey, Enter to Win $100 Certificate!
Protecting and Respecting Cultural Resources at Lake Roosevelt
Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Has Another Successful Year

Fall 2006 Issue
Lake Roosevelt a Focal Point for Columbia River Water Management Program
Getting to Know
EPA Reports on Sediment and Fish Tissue Sampling
Teck Cominco Selects Project Manager and Contractor for RI/FS
Forum Hosts Educational Houseboat Tour

Spring 2006 Issue
EPA and Teck Cominco Reach Joint Agreement to Study Human and Ecological Effects of Historic Sediment Contamination
Getting to Know
Remodeled Grand Coulee Dam Visitor's Center Open
Fishing Dates
Forum Conference has Record Attendance
Student Discovery Week 2006

Winter 2006 Issue
Lake Operations 2006
Getting to Know
Environmental Report Shows Columbia River Improving in Canada
LRF Conference 2006

Summer 2005 Issue
Spokane Tribe Nears Historic Settlement
Getting to Know
Canadian First Nations Request Enforcement of 1941 Conditions of Approval of GCD
Update: EPA Remedial Investigation and Reasibility Study

Spring 2005 Issue
Student Discovery Week 2005 Another Big Success
Forum Helps Host Upper Columbia Fisheries Conference
Fishing Dates
Student Discovery Week Photos & Poems

Winter 2005 Issue
Lake Operations 2005
Columbia River Initiative Hearings
Coulee Corridor Gains in Popularity
National Recreation Area Management Planning Updates
Colville Watershed Planning

Fall 2004 Issue
Forum Annual Conference a Big Success
Quoteables: Thoughts from Conference Participants
Public Hearings to be Held on State's Columbia River Initiative
Columbia River Initiative Rule-Making Time

Summer 2004 Issue
Columbia River Initiative May Mean Summer Drawdown for Lake Roosevelt

Spring 2004 Issue
Upper Columbia White Sturgeon Released in Lake Roosevelt for First Time
Guest Column - Matt Howell
Student Discovery Week 2004
Forum Hosts Educational Houseboat Tour
White Sturgeon Community Awareness Program Begins
Council Seeks Public Comments on Subbasin Plans
EPA Gearing Up for Investigation of Upper Columbia
What is an RI/FS?
PWC Use Allowed Within Lake Roosevelt

Winter 2004 Issue
You’re Invited to Outlook 2004
Guest Column - Mary Verner
Invasive Species
Storage & Operating Capacity of Lake Roosevelt
Public Comments Sought

Fall 2003 Issue
National Park Service Will Seek Public Comment for Proposed Watercraft Regulations
Guest Column - Tom Eaton
Subbasin Planning for Lake Roosevelt

Summer 2003 Issue
Forum Open House & Steering Committee Meeting
Guest Column - Sue Kahle
Sediment Comtamination
New GIS Data Useful
Fall Lake Levels & Fisheries
Summer Visitations

Spring 2003 Issue
Forum Hosts 2003 Conference
Guest Column - Tim Peone
Forum Develops Noxious Weed Control Group
Student Discovery Week 2003
Fisheries Evaluation Prize Winners
Personal Watercraft Banned

Winter 2003 Issue
Lake Operations: Outlook 2003
Guest Column - Tony Delgado
Spring Conference Schedule
August Drawdown on Banks Lake?

Fall 2002 Issue
EPA Draft Site Investigation Report
Guest Column - Debbie Bird
Environmental Analysis to Determine Future of Personal Watercraft
Visitations Set Record High
Fish Tag Prize Winners
Forum Hosts Educational Tour of Lake

Summer 2002 Issue
Forum Helps Transboundary Natural Resource Conference
Guest Column - Merrill Ott
Student Discovery Week 2002